I would like to express how pleased we are with the work Emma Laing has done with our team.

Our interactions with Emma have been characterised by insight, empathy, outstanding facilitation and encouragement. Emma has been absolutely first rate and a significant contributor to the development of our team.

Our first encounter with Emma was when she facilitated sessions of our Legal Strategy Offsite. It was a great success. The feedback from team members regarding Emma’s facilitation included:

“Emma was engaging, interesting”.  “Emma was excellent, inspiring, educational and great at keeping us focused”. “Emma was very encouraging and supportive.”

 A major action item that came out of the Strategy Offsite was soft skills training and we thought it would be fitting for Emma to develop and present a Leadership Development and Soft Skills Training Program for our team. Emma produced a module-based workshop series.

During 2009 we rolled out the program which included sessions on: Managing, Leading and Developing others, and Building Resilience; Effective Communication Skills, Managing Difficult Conversations and Influencing Skills; Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Managing and Implementing Change; and finally Presentation Skills. All these sessions were facilitated by Emma. Emma’s professionalism and excellence in execution again resulted in real and significant development of the team. In my opinion the strategy session and program developed by Emma was an outstanding success.



General Counsel, Banking and Finance