We have engaged Emma Laing to lead a variety of different leadership and development initiatives over the past few years. Emma has played a significant role in our leadership and talent management programs including facilitation, leadership capability development, executive coaching and LSI debriefs. I have been very impressed with Emma’s broad range of skills, experience and knowledge. Based on Emma’s diverse background she has been able to introduce new concepts to our programs, which helped us to evolve and improve our offerings. I have found that Emma not only delivers against our objectives but is also able to put forward innovative ideas and best practice methodologies. For example, she introduced a personal resilience theme into our programs and provided us with strategies to help participants embed their key insights and learnings from the programs back into the workplace. I would strongly recommend Emma to anyone who is looking to build leadership capability within their business. We have used Emma for many different initiatives and I have never been disappointed.
People & Culture Business Partner, Banking and Finance