The decision to travel to Nepal with a group of Senior Women led by Emma Laing has been pivotal in my growth as a leader and a person. Confronting - yes, challenging - absolutely - and so rewarding and rich an experience! To leave your comfort zone - quite figuratively - and to immerse yourself in the world of another takes you to a place of self awareness that would be difficult to achieve in any other way. To subvert your own reality, problems and desires, and simply help others so much less fortunate is a unique opportunity and experience I still relish. Meeting at risk girls in Nepal villages and schools, sitting with then in the local library and reading to them the books my own children had sent from Australia. Also the support, camaraderie and shared time with others of like mind and the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and your own, opens up space to deal with many aspects of your self and life. Life altering moments of clarity have the chance to land away from the busyness and clutter of our other lives. I recall a father of one of the girls taking both my hand and saying to me "Thank you, thank you for educating my daughter" and me replying - "No thank you for your daughter and her education of me."
Head of Strategic Consulting, Banking and Finance