Emmanate was brought in for a leadership development program that I was involved in, with the senior management team. I have done a number of leadership development programs over the course of my career, and I can say without any hesitation or exaggeration, that this program was by far the most interesting, challenging and effective. Emma has a level of skill and professionalism in this area that is rarely seen.  It is not uncommon to have facilitators who cannot themselves demonstrate the level of leadership that they are “asking” the group to reach.  This is certainly not the case when dealing with Emma.  Her level of leadership is genuine and even inspiring, in that they she is able to guide and challenge people to greater things. I am pleased to say that this has definitely been the case for me.  I can sincerely say that much of what was passed on to us, I am using on a very regular basis in my dealings with colleagues, my staff and even my children.

Executive Manager Operations Group